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Product Description:

The products use woven fiberglass mesh as base material, after coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid then clean cut into different width and length tape. The chemical stability and no oxygenated property of fiberglass make the tapes have superiority that other materials can not be compared with. The products with good performances, like good softness, high stickiness, easy application, it gives you the best solution for the wall problems like wall crakes, plasterboard joints, wall holes etc, and it is the ideal material for dry wall and ceiling problems.



Product performances:

  • Simple and fast application
  • Self Adhesive
  • Pre-plastering is not required
  • Resists to tear, shrink, stretch
  • No Blisters and bubbles
  • Hides joints, cracks and holes

Product Specification:

  • Material: E-glass or C-glass
  • Color: white(standard), custom color
  • Construction: Leno
  • Weight: 50g/sqm and 60g/sqm
  • Counts: 9x9/inch, 8x8/inch
  • Width: 35mm, 48mm, 50mm,100mm,
  • Roll length:
           Europe: 20m, 45m, 90m,        153mAmericas:65',150’,300',500'
           Subject to buyers’requirements
  • OEM according to specifications

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